What an amazing environment more to it very courteous staff and cannot wait to go there again.

( 2018-03-14 ) Muhammad Intisam

I have been here so many times and everytime I come,the food quality is amazing. Best place to come with family and enjoy good food.

( 2017-12-09 ) Khawaja Fahd


( 2017-12-07 ) James

This might seem like a lie, but I actually flew from Canada to London to have the chapli kabab. Instead of going from Halifax to Vancouver, I took Halifax to London to Vancouver flight for same day. This much tasty the kabab are.

( 2017-07-25 ) Uzair Abbas

Hello. And Bye.

( 2017-04-07 ) XRumerTest

Peshawari food better than you will find in Peshawar. Excellent matching traditional decor, great taste.

( 2017-02-06 ) Aamir

Amazing food!! Best Chapli kebab in east London. Friendly staff and good service bit delay but expected in bussy place. Welldone 👍🏽👍🏽

( 2016-07-23 ) BOSS

Very good food been there many times. Service was friendly although at busy times it can get slower but yesterday was very efficient.

( 2016-07-23 ) Dustin

Your food was so delicious.

( 2016-06-13 ) M Tanveer

I am likeing the food vary wel, iit is verry gd becauz it remainds me of my histoaric pastt, the beatuiful pekhawar wher my father mother and evary one coming from. zindabad pakistan, then zzindabaad pakthhunistan.

( 2016-05-31 ) Nasrullah

nice food

( 2016-05-21 ) Sohaib

nice food and service

( 2016-04-13 ) usman

Best foods with great service..

( 2016-04-13 ) Ali

Just tasted & would recommend others very nice.

( 2014-01-13 ) Zafar Ch

Love it, i think its the best in town!

( 2013-08-01 ) Kasim

WA!!!!! Best Time Every, you guys made my dinner special with my friends..

( 2012-10-05 ) Abdul Rasheed

All i can say mashallah chapali kebab spot on propa nice and fresh and close to home!! I was realy amazed. And mahallah kawa was spot on too!!

( 2012-08-30 ) Afridi pathan

What a lovely place. Authentic food! Can't ever go wrong. Very warm service and great food. Lemon soda and peshawari kehva are as close to original food from Pakistan as these could be. Charsi Tikka are simply charsi! Keep up the good work! Hope you open something towards the west side too. In Southall to be precise!

( 2012-08-13 ) Hasnain Khan

MashaAllah really great authentic peshawari food with a great service

( 2012-08-13 ) Raheel

Such a great food and service and i just loved it was with few friends and we all enjoyed every single moment in their the only thing needs a bit TLC to the place x

( 2012-08-10 ) Noni paa gee

W.O.W. what can i say, went with 6 of my friends of Iftari, at which time they had a buffet deal going. To my amazement the food was delicious, was having Afghani/Peshawari food after a good few years. Was delighted to have come by, chappali kebabs, kabuli pilau and their currys were lovely, what topped it off was the kauva (green tea) simply the best i had, was well happy with Raza bhai's service as well as the hospitality of the waitresses, defintely recommend it to all, K.P have taken it to the old school and simplicity with the choice of Lamb Karahi and Chicken Karahi, not some new weird vindaloo or ruby, keep up the good work '' I'LL BE BACK''

( 2012-08-06 ) Shakeel

LOved the food infact i shld say.. It was the best food tasted in london that was close to peshawari food back home.. Bit expensive but worth the price and on top of it excellent service with best staff.. Place was bit conjusted though but more thn happy to go back.

( 2012-08-04 ) Uzma

Simply no match. Fantastic food by hospitable people

( 2012-07-29 ) Adeel

Food is very delicious

( 2012-07-28 ) Miss Hussain

Delicious food

( 2012-07-08 ) Adriana

I Love the food you guys serve

( 2012-05-24 ) Kasim

WOW what an experience, was scared when entering but was delighted after fill. great experience

( 2012-05-07 ) James

pathai na ur food was delicious bro kusmeh

( 2012-04-05 ) jimmy hard nails

kusmeh ur food was banging bro

( 2012-04-05 ) adeeal

Best food ever in UK, keep it up and best regards.

( 2012-03-09 ) Raza Rizvi

I love the food

( 2012-02-17 ) Kasim

Apki IS KamYAbi KO DEkh KAr BArE KHUSh HOwe.....!!! Allah Ap KO SeHAT Aur TAndROSTi De Amin......!!!!

( 2012-01-27 ) SAjjad HAider

Real ethentic and first ever Peshawari food resturant, never experienced the taste of Peshawar in UK. Great value for money too.

( 2012-01-04 ) Nawaz

Yes its a good resturant but they need to add some more nice dishes. Still its a good place to visit.

( 2011-12-27 ) Muhammad Afzal

i came to the restaurant tonight for my friends wedding and being english have only ever eaten chiken tikka massala etc...well oh my was i amazed i now feel like i have experienced proper pakistani food it was absolutely delicious, i live in harlow and would drive to ilford just to eat here, the staff are lovely too i will definately make a regular trip to eat here x

( 2011-12-15 ) lorraine

The minute you enter the doors of this restaurant, you are not in London rather in Peshawar, Pakistan,,,the whole ambience and experience takes you back to homeland and topped with easily the best asian food in UK and the hospitality of the staff, I would say it is time and money very well spent.

( 2011-10-25 ) Kamran Bhatti 87

Drop your prices, you guys aretoo expensive

( 2011-10-20 ) Ali

har chez bot he mazay ki ha os ap jasa tast be kise k pass nay ha par pricec bot he zaida hain jin par ap ko aik bar nazar sanai karni paray ge.kue k maray jasa insan affoerd nai kar sakta

( 2011-10-13 ) m salam

Always wonderful food with wonderful flavours and the tea is superb.Staff are friendly and a meal at the restaurant is a wonderful experience.

( 2011-10-13 ) Graham

The closest thing to Namak Mandi in Peshawar.

( 2011-10-01 ) Yusaf Khan

Excellent food!

( 2011-09-18 ) Naeem

best food ever

( 2011-09-14 ) lyba

The best food in the town.........

( 2011-08-03 ) Syed Naseer hussain

best food ever nice taste some people say it brings back their memories its good daddy!!!

( 2011-07-16 ) lyba

lol hai ye restaurant

( 2011-06-28 ) rooney

I attended with group of friends, always wanted to try nice pathani food. Trust me one of the best Pathani foods ever tasted adn very good staff.

( 2011-06-07 ) Tariq

very very very very nice foood i reccomend the prime minister to taste the food! keep it up az yummy yummy in my tummy :*)

( 2011-05-28 ) sana n malaika

yummy too good

( 2011-05-18 ) Anonymous

a jewel on the romford road!!! azhar was courteous and genial, showing us the best dishes for our party and explaining all the flavours and tastes. will definately go back

( 2011-05-15 ) amanda

Very Very nice place to come with family and enjoy good traditional food !

( 2011-05-12 ) Amir

we enjoyed the food during last ramzan and had a buffet deal. Please start the buffet again as it was a good way to taste all the dishes.

( 2011-02-17 ) dia

I didn't know that this was a moslem forum...But one thing I do know, is that this restaurant is good...

( 2011-02-03 ) welwisher

salam how are u.i hope u would be better with your family.i am wwatching your web site.inshallah u will progress in futrue.the restaurant is excellent.didi praying for of luck.yasar hafeez from peshawar

( 2011-01-26 ) Yasir Hafeez

hot service

( 2011-01-10 ) anas

Hi, Recently, we've had a chance to try Landhi Kotal Mix Grill, Kabuli Pulao, Peshwari Naan Bread, and Lassi (sweet); no wonder, this bona fide dinner is an e.g. on its own. Kebabs were prepared right there; minced meat was freshly used. The flavor of the food is so great. It is worth to pay this much money for the quality of the food available here; though I'm very fond of dining out but in terms of authenticity, I never had such sort of Afghani food ever. Thank you very much.

( 2010-12-26 ) Pyaare Mohan

terrible kebabs

( 2010-12-25 ) chapli madam

nice & wish u very best of luck

( 2010-12-22 ) adnan sheikh

kaaaaaash :-[

( 2010-12-22 ) Anonymous

ur kabli pilou is unbelievable. even my mother who is afghani cannot make it this well. i wish you all the success.

( 2010-12-21 ) henry

please keep up the good work. your food is simply amazing

( 2010-12-21 ) bety

The food at this restaurant, is truly authentic, tasteful and exceptional. It is an accurate reflection of the afghani cuisine and ambience.A simple and excellent menu. May the boss and his employees be kept away from the evil eye. I hope that you continue to prosper and do very well in the future.

( 2010-12-21 ) ur welwisher

i am thinking to got to restaurant

( 2010-12-19 ) Anonymous

Excellent lamb in a a rustic and authentic style restaurant. Tasty and reasonably priced. Thank you.

( 2010-12-09 ) Peter in Stratford

very very nice food.. sure has the taste of Peshawar....would recommend to all ...

( 2010-12-06 ) jahan

brilliant food,excellent place to be in with family as they have separate rooms upstairs for families exactly according to pathan culture

( 2010-11-18 ) Anonymous

I m here n London since 2003, I have been most of the Pakistani,Indian,Afghani,Iranian,Labanes,Turkish Resturants was nice but I never had like this tast, it's brilliant... I feel like I m sitting n Peshawar, and having this best food....Chappli Kebab, Charsi Tikka, Lamb Krahi with Nan and afghni pulao...simply the Best...& Thanks a lot for very good service*****

( 2010-10-27 ) Qadeem Khan

its WOW!, simply WOW!

( 2010-10-15 ) Asad Bokhari

Excellent food and the price is just right!!!

( 2010-10-03 ) Dr J

a diffrent place to enjoy the traditional hospitality!

( 2010-09-25 ) Aamir

I am back from vacations and I am missing Khyberpass food like anything. I wish I have some place like this in Islamabad. Everyday my daughter ask me from where she can have Afghanistan pulao cooked like khyberpass.

( 2010-09-16 ) Mrs N M

absolutely delicious food!!! great experience! will be going again very soon!

( 2010-09-09 ) O. Khan

Went to this restraunt for Iftar! this is a great concept! a brilliant themed restaurant, as for the food I loved it and my wife said its the best Pilau shes had in this counrty so far!!! amazing Green tea! definately go back again!!!

( 2010-09-08 ) Sayed

This is a unique restaurant with its delicious food.

( 2010-09-06 ) Gurjeet Singh

this restaurant brings back all those olden days in namak mandhi good service and lovely food

( 2010-09-01 ) MISS HUSSAIN

very tasty food but prices are very high.

( 2010-09-01 ) zubair ahmad

Excellent Food.Chappli kebab,Karrahi, naan, qahwa etc. All authentic taste. Reminded me of "Jumerat in Namak Mandi", if you have been a regular in the past. Would go again.Highly recommended.Restaurant needs to extend, especialy family seating.

( 2010-08-23 ) Dr I Ahmad

excellent food and superb service. wnt all the way from southall.would like to go again and strongly recommend to others

( 2010-08-19 ) shahzad Mehmood

whats the story with Charsi chops and kababs? do u put chars in it?

( 2010-08-15 ) Amin

Been to this place recently and felt like old times, when we use to drive to Namak Mandi, Peshawar almost every other weekend. This guy has shown his true roots with the land and love for authenticity in taste. I would strongly recommend all food lover out there, MUST DINE THERE. You will not be disappointed.

( 2010-08-13 ) Iftikhar

Mr Khan if you compare with other restaurants ,he is selling baby lamb 20 pounds a kilo and other places are selling mutton for 6 pounds for a quarter of a kilo and moreover you didnt realise as a food lover that these guys cook fresh infront of you,which you dont find anywhere else.....

( 2010-08-04 ) Mr Food Lover

Fantastic food, nice and healthy compared to normal Indian curry. I think it is good value (was 40 for 3 people) I think that's good value for money compared to say Sahara Grill or Tayyabs, this is London after all!

( 2010-07-31 ) John

Staff very, very friendly, excellent service, food very authentic and yummy, very good value for money.

( 2010-07-28 ) nasik ali

A fantastic concept... lovely food.... good service.

( 2010-07-27 ) Anonymous

mind blowing concept...lov it

( 2010-07-23 ) atif

an excellent outlook

( 2010-07-23 ) Anonymous